Sept. 11, 2001 – Never Forget

This day will never be forgotten just like other pivotal days in our time.  It should always be remembered that terrorists trained and based in Afghanistan made a coordinated and well-planned attack on Western civilization.  Why? To further their radical cause by killing as many innocent people as possible.  Those terrorists still pose a real threat.  Next time it might just involve the use of a nuclear weapon.  Think it can’t happen?  Think again.  No one, not even novelists like Tom Clancy, thought such a thing would happen. 

As a result of the breakup of the former Soviet Union (USSR) many nuclear warheads are unaccounted for.  Desperate former Soviet military personnel and scientists without jobs are being targeted by terrorist groups to sell these warheads. 

Bin Laden and others like him want one thing – the death of as many of us as possible. Rest assured that if they can get such a weapon they will have no qualms in using it. 

For those who believe it will not happen, let me tell you that you need to watch a movie called “The Sum of All Fears”.  In this film terrorists load a nuclear weapon disguised as a soda pop machine into a van and drive it into the parkade of a high-rise building.  They then detonate it causing catastrophic damage to the heart of a major city.  Modern nuclear warheads are not large in a physical sense, but certainly large in the explosive punch they pack.  A truly chilling scenario that is entirely possible.

So on September 11, six years after this evil attack, let us pray that it doesn’t happen again.  However, praying is not going to stop these evil men, vigilance and counter-attacks will.

For the sake of the memories of the innocent that died that day, never forget.

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