2008 United States Presidential Race

The race for the White House is underway. With incumbents not eligible or wanting to run it is a wide open contest.

President George W. Bush is limited constitutionally to two terms. Even if he could it is unlikely he would be re-elected. Vice president Dick Cheney has serious heart problems. It is amazing that he has lasted this long, besides he is disliked even more than George Bush.

Republican hopefuls must distance themselves from the present administration if they hope to get elected. Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, is the leading declared candidate. However, his Mormon religion is not palatable to the general population so even if he gets the party nomination I predict he will lose. Fred Thompson from Law & Order, and a former U.S. Senator from Tennessee is undeclared, but definitely the dark horse favorite. Senator John McCain from Arizona was leading the Republican race but has slipped badly recently. He is seen as too old and his policies are virtually the same as Bush’s. He must find some way to distance himself from Bush to regain any hope of getting nominated.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, is also in the mix and seems to be doing well in the early going. He lacks experience on the national and international stage. Also he is on his third marriage and was in fact cheating on the second wife with the one he is married to now. His very liberal views on such things as abortion do not sit well with the general populace. I think he will fade badly and not be a factor.

On the Democratic side the leading candidates are both breaking new ground. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the front runner is the first woman to have a serious chance at getting elected President of the United States. Senator Barack Obama is the first black-American with a chance at the White House. The question remains are Americans ready for this?

I believe that Hillary stands the best chance simply because of her name. She has also proven herself to be a very capable Senator. Mrs. Clinton has become a heavyweight politician in her own right. That together with her husband’s connections and experience make her the one to beat.

Obama on the other hand is exciting and has fresh ideas. He lacks experience though and I believe he will ultimately fail to win the prize. There is no doubt that he will be a factor in the future.

Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will square off against Republican Fred Thompson in the November 2008 general election. President Clinton will be inaugurated on January 20, 2009. You heard it here first.

One Response to 2008 United States Presidential Race

  1. Donald says:

    You may want to take bets on the side. With the connections I have I’ll get you an intro to the new pres. ;>)

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