Ten Tidbits About Canada’s Prime Ministers

1. First Prime Minister of Canada (after Confederation in 1867) was Sir John A. Macdonald (see photo)

2. First and only (so far) prime minister forced to resign due to scandal – Sir John A. Macdonald

3. Most prime ministers from a party (Liberal Party – 11). Conservative – 9, Others – 2. Total number of prime ministers – 22 (as of 2007)

4. First female prime minister – Kim Campbell, Progressive Conservative Party, 1993

5. Shortest-serving prime minister – Sir Charles Tupper at 68 days

6. Longest unbroken term – Wilfred Laurier at 15 years, 87 days.

7. Longest serving prime minister – William Lyon Mackenzie King with three terms (21 years and 95 days)

8. Youngest prime minister – Joe Clark at 39 years of age (became prime minister the day before his 40th birthday).

9. Prime ministers who died in office – Sir John A. Macdonald (June 6, 1891) and Sir John Thompson (December 12, 1894).

10. Province with most prime ministers: Quebec (7), Ontario (6), Alberta and Nova Scotia (both with 3), British Columbia/Manitoba/Saskatchewan (each with 1).

The current Prime Minister of Canada is Stephen Harper (Conservative Party) from Calgary West who was elected January 23, 2006. His party has a minority government, but so far has managed to survive votes on major issues. Another general election is looming because minority governments do not last.

Canada has a multi-party system. At the present time there are four major parties in the elected House of Commons (equivalent to US. House of Representatives). They are the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democratic, and the Bloc Quebecois. The parties with the largest number of seats (representatives) are the Liberals and Conservatives.


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