D-Day 63rd Anniversary – Turning Point

I just have to post on this topic. World War II history is one of my passions. I am totally fascinated by all of it.

June 6, 1944 the so-called “Longest Day” was the Allied invasion of Nazi controlled Europe. If the war in Europe was ever to be won, Nazi Germany had to be invaded. D-Day was that invasion. British, Canadian, American and other Allied Forces landed on the coast of Normandy in France. The goal was to establish a beachhead and drive into the heart of Germany to end the war. It succeeded.

The war in Europe started in September 1939 and dragged on until May 8, 1945. For 3 years from 1939 until 1944, the Allies hadn’t really made a lot of progress towards attacking Germany directly. They had managed to defeat the German Luffwaffe and ensure air superiority for D-Day. Additionally, they had managed to built Britain into a fortress stocked with arms and troops in preparation for the day when Europe would be invaded. After D-Day, in fact less than one year later, Nazi Germany had been defeated and the European War ended. That was how important the invasion was!

If it had failed it might have been many more years before the Allies were able to try again. That is why D-Day is sometimes referred to as the “Turning Point” of the Second World War, at least in Europe.

War in the Pacific, well that is another story, it did not end until August 1945.


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